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COMPANY COMMANDER is set in the XVIII & the first half of the XIX century.  During this period there were many great battles with large armies and thousands of men but there were also many smaller actions where the use of a musket, ability in fencing, riding skills, personal courage and charisma were decisive. 

COMPANY COMMANDER rules are designed for games between small units of men such as reconnaissance patrols, convoy escorts, intelligence missions, border attacks, and other missions which were given to small groups of selected troops. The actions of small groups of soldiers and the direct commands of their officers are the most important aspects of play.  The system simulates the frantic rhythm of an encounter.  The “human factors” of individual initiative, speed and leadership are worth more than the grand tactics of larger battles.

The rules are designed to use with 15/18mm figures. Figures can be based individually or in groups. But other scales as 28mm could be used.

For command figures, standard bearers, musicians and officers, one figure equals one man. In all other cases one figure represents three soldiers. 8-12 figures represent a section and three sections represent a company.

Each game turn represents about 3 minutes of time.

Ground scale is 1:100.

During 6 years the game has been developed with the suggestions of many players, clubs and hours of gaming.