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The huge influence of Napoleonic combat systems, tactics and weaponry (the flintlock musket was the standard weapon for all Armies until the later 1840’s), meant that they remained the standard throughout the world until the full development of the rifled musket. This weapon, which used percussion caps rather than a spark from a flint, together with rifled artillery changed tactics and formations, and ended the Napoleonic Era.

Divisional Commander (DC) is a set of Napoleonic rules to cover the whole Napoleonic era, including the British-American War of 1812, the “forgotten” Wars of Liberation in South America, and the last War of the Napoleonic Era - the 1st Carlist War.

The rules are designed to play battles of this period of medium size, involving a division, or a small corps. DC is designed to allow players to represent historical battles or to play balanced games based on a point system that allows them to play fictional scenarios and to run campaigns or championships.

To represent the intense movements and counter movements of the formations in Napoleonic battles,  DC (as other Capitan Games rules) uses a system that allows more flexibility in the game rather than an “I go, you go” system.

With the order system and the obligation to choose between different options for units, DC represents the fog of war and the uncertain control a commander has over his troops and his subordinate generals.