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It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of the Warmodelling catalogue under its new name “BATTLEMODELS”,as Capitan Games Ltd. is the worlwide agent of Capitan Miniatures, S.L. owner of the rights of the miniatures. Moulding has now commenced in the UK and, from today, you can place advance orders in the shop for September delivery. We have started with the 15 mm Napoleonic and Ancients  ranges and the 20 mm WW2 range. The other 15 mm ranges (Carlist Wars, Spanish-American War and Napoleonic Naval) and the 28 mm “Lost legions” figures will follow shortly.

We are building stock towards a September delivery to give our new moulding operation time to prepare shipments. If we experience a huge demand, it may be that deliveries will stray into October but we shall keep everyone informed if this happens.

“All packs contain a random selection of the figures depicted” 

 “Figures are supplied unpainted”

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